Stall Applications now CLOSED

To book your Stall Pitch at Huddersfield TractorFest on Saturday 15th June 2024, please complete the entry form below and submit it back by 30th May 2024. Each Stall Pitch is 5m by 5m, which is enough space for a vehicle to be parked behind a 3m deep gazebo. Please note this is just for the square of grass. It is the stall holders responsibility to bring any facilities they require. There is no electricity or water on site. You can bring your own Generator but ONLY Diesel Generators allowed on site .

The price is £70.00 per 5x5m pitch (including small food & drink vendors)

If you require a bigger pitch please send us an email to and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The price for large food vendors is £200 per pitch (please specify space required upon application)

Once received we will contact you to let you know if you have been successful or not, with a link for payment.

Please note, your stall pitch is only confirmed upon receipt of payment.



  • All participants must comply with any reasonable request made by any Show Steward. All stalls must provide a copy of their public and employers liability insurance with their booking and have the current documentation available at the show.
  • Hazard lights will be used on all moving vehicles and speed must be no more than 5 mph at all times while on the showground. All vehicles to be parked on their stalls or removed from the showground between 8.30am and 5.30pm. Stall’s to be set up by 10.00 am (gates open at 11.00 am)
  • The provider of any stall must take all reasonable steps to consider and control any risks, or potential risks, to the health and welfare of show attendees and must discuss any areas of doubt with the Show Committee at the time of booking.
  • Tent fabrics together with materials and drapes or linings used in conjunction with any temporary structures must be flame retardant (to BS 5438 and 7157). All stakes/pegs used for securing marquees/tents/gazebos must be adequately protected in areas that area accessible to the public. All Stallholders are responsible for their own gazebos and the safety of those gazebos. These must also be secured sufficiently to avoid risk from gusts and strong winds. No rope, shackles or any form of hitching will be attached to any trees on the Site.
  • Vendors supplying food for sale must indicate this on the booking form and comply with Environmental Health Regulations 1990, Environmental Protection Act 1990 and any conditions requested by the Fire Authority. Any stall that involves the use of any heat source or combustible or inflammable item must provide appropriate fire protection equipment and personnel trained in its use.
  • All attractions and stalls using any form of electricity must have an appropriate Certificate of Electrical Safety available at the show. All electrical installations and equipment will comply with the general requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.
    All portable generators or power supplies must be suitably guarded and the installation checked, approved and certified by a suitable Electrical Engineer before operation. All electrical equipment will be installed, so far as is reasonably practicable, so that interference by the public or unauthorised employees cannot gain access. All equipment exposed to weather will be suitably protected. All electrical installations will be fitted with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers and Earth Spikes. All portable generators for electrical power supplies will be appropriately located to minimise noise and guarded from unauthorised persons. Wherever possible, cables will be routed or buried so that they will not cause a tripping hazard or be crushed by vehicles. Armoured cabling will be installed for hazardous voltages e.g. those which could cause electric shock if damaged, protecting against contact with sharp edges or crushing by heavy loads. Additional advice is contained in HSE Guidance Document GS50 – (2nd Edition) – “Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment”. Further guidance notes are also available from the Kirklees Council and can be supplied by them on request. ONLY Diesel Generators allowed on site .
  • Consideration should be given to the effect that inclement weather will have upon your stall. Should weather conditions deteriorate to a point where significant damage will be caused by vehicle and equipment withdrawal, an exit strategy must be agreed with the site manager prior to vehicles exiting the site. Failure to comply may lead to re-instatement costs being passed to the stall, attraction or entertainment provider.
  • It is the Stallholders responsibility to remove all litter or rubbish from your stall space on the showground – this includes leaflets and other handouts. Bins will be provided for use for litter and general rubbish. No electrical items or hazardous items or substances may be placed in any bin on the showground but must be removed and properly disposed of by the stall provider.
  • The Show Committee reserve the right to refuse admission to or require the immediate shut down and or removal of any stall, even if their booking has been accepted, if it is considered by the committee that the stall represents any risk to the health or welfare of any
    other person attending the show. The Huddersfield Tractor Fest Committee accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss incurred as the result of the attendance of your stall at the Show.